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Your file cabinet at your office or commercial building is probably where you store important business documents like tax records, employee details, business plans, customer information, and the like. It’s important that the file cabinet be a secure place for storage – you don’t want nosey colleagues or employees riffling through your stuff, after all. If there is something wrong with your file cabinet – like the lock is broken or it’s jammed – you can call Mequon WI Locksmith Store’s professional commercial locksmiths for assistance. Unlocking file cabinet locks is no big deal for us – we have advanced tools that can open it in quick time. Mequon WI Locksmith Store Mequon, WI 262-288-1538

Types of cabinet locks:

While cabinet locks are of different makes and models, there are two broad categories: key-based locks and keyless ones. 

Key-based locks: 

Everyone knows the pin and tumbler lock – it’s what is used on home doors popularly. It is also used quite often on cabinet locks. The other types of popular key-based locks include the tubular tumbler, cam lock, plunger locks, and even padlocks. These locks can get jammed, or you might lose the keys to it. 

Keyless locks: 

Keyless locks tend to have advanced electronic locking systems that you can engage with a password, or a number combo. These types of electronic locks can sometimes get jammed. Also, some of our customers lose their passwords, prompting them to request our unlocking file cabinet service in Mequon, WI area. 

Contact Mequon WI Locksmith Store for unlocking file cabinet 24/7:

If you need your file cabinet open safely, don’t try to force it open yourself – you could end up damaging the contents inside or the cabinet itself. Mequon WI Locksmith Store’s locksmiths have the tools necessary to get the door open with minimum hassle. Our locksmith team can come over to your location within 30 minutes, most of the time, and it doesn’t require our professionals too much time thereafter for unlocking file cabinet. 

Mobile locksmith available 24/7 in Mequon, WI:

Our locksmith service is available 24/7 in Mequon and surrounding areas. Our mobile locksmith vans can reach even the remotest corner of the community in a short span of time, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help with a broken file cabinet in your home and you live in the middle of nowhere. We can also provide you with a full range of residential and commercial locksmithing services. 

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