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Has there been a burglary attempt in your neighborhood recently? It is always a good idea to keep the security on your home as tight and up-to-date as possible, to prevent thieves and vandals from getting in. Thieves these days are armed with key blanks they buy from the internet that allows them to open popular locks with little trouble. If you’re in doubt about the safety of your property, you should contact Mequon WI Locksmith Store for a free security consultation in Mequon, WI area. Our locksmiths can take a look at your property to see if you qualify for our change locks service. We can give a list of recommendations about new locks to get. We also provide a comprehensive range of locksmithing services for homes, cars, and businesses.
If you need your locks replaced in a hurry, call us. We can send a locksmithing team over to your location in 30 minutes, or even less. Don’t know if you need new locks?

When do you need new locks?Mequon WI Locksmith Store Mequon, WI 262-288-1538

During our time in the field, we’ve come across the following common scenarios where our customers require new locks:

  • When they move: If you’ve moved to a new property recently, you may need new locks to prevent the old tenants or owners from getting access to the property.
  • When their locks are old: A decade old lock on your property may not provide adequate protection against modern threats. Also, you may need new locks if you want a smart home system and want to open your locks with your smartphone!
  • After divorce: A lot of our customers want to hire our change locks service when they get into divorce or custody battles with their spouses. 
  • For a security upgrade: Like we mentioned before, you may need our change locks service if you’re worried about the safety of your property or possessions. You can upgrade to a higher tier/class lock. 

24 hour emergency change locks service

You can contact us 24 hours a day to get locks changed, at your convenience. Our professional team is available for hire in Mequon, WI even during major holidays. If you want to quickly upgrade the locks on your premises, we can work for you overnight. We don’t charge beyond our usual fee for any late night work. Our change locks service is always reasonably priced and we have a huge selection of locks in our inventory.

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